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A Little About Chrysolite Global Resources Ltd

Chrysolite Global Resources Ltd  was first incorporated in Nigeria they year 2006, with the intention of providing solutions in various sectors. Our registration details are as follows:

Business Registration ID Number is RC: 652084.

Tax Registration Number : 14278234;

Export License :NE/2550/KD/06

We have a  Over the years we have operated and a mineral producing and processing companies with mining rights  for several solid minerals.

In recent years our operations has grown to include the production of some minerals,  commodities, fluids related products and consultancy as the case maybe.


Our strategy is to keep things as simple as possible while implementing the latest technological solutions to the various projects we are involve. CGREL has a diversified portfolio of assets as we deem fit to serve the various industries we are involved. Our current biggest assets are in the a solution providing firm. We pride ourselves in our ability to provide rapid solution for the various market sectors we work.


From our consultancy or solutions, and various management packages be it a Project, Process, Procurement, Material Management or your varied needs in  the construction industry. Our team which comprises of top project managers, business managers and analysts, engineers  and other specialists have all hands on deck applying innovative Just-In-Times techniques; allowing us to serve you with optimal efficiency.


At CGREL we find solutions for the ever increasing needs of the market and we pride ourselves in our ability to provide, smart, Eco-friendly and sustainable solutions which by as a result of several years of experience and our turkey approach can rapidly be replicated anywhere else.